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Printable Coupon

Printable Coupon

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Driving Connections

Our purpose at WISe Wellness Guild is to create connections that inform and inspire a more fulfilling and healthier world for women.

One way we do this is by connecting wellness micro-influencers in our region and corporate brands that support women. When these connections are made, the results are nothing short of magic!

Meet our Influencers

Leading monthly social media campaigns, WISe has partnered with influencers to reach over 1 million people interested in wellness, to date.

Kait Lott

Meet Kait Lott, the creative power behind Kait's Kravings, a colorful, lively and inspiring food blog based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jordan Hamons

Meet Jordan Hamons renowned chef and owner of Tablespoon Cooking Co.

Morgan A. Owens

Influencer and entrepreneur-extraordinaire, Morgan Angelique Owens stays healthy by investing in herself.

Krissy Rubio and Kayla Hansmann

Krissy Rubio, founder of What the F*t podcast, and Kayla Hansman, founder of Cincy Fit Foodie team up to define what wellness really means.

Community Connections

Articles From Our Team and Partners