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Wellness Hacks (and Product Giveaway) with Cincy Fit Foodie, Kayla Hansmann

Wellness Hacks (and Product Giveaway) with Cincy Fit Foodie, Kayla Hansmann

Kayla Hansmann in outside field in yoga, warrior stretch poseFollow us on Instagram @Wise_Wellness_Guild for Kayla's wellness products giveaway February 14-21.

Registered Dietitian Kayla Hansmann is on a mission to provide nutrition services for individuals wanting to achieve their best state of health.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Kayla Hansmann built her own nutritional empire, while staying rooted to service to her community by way of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Her empire, also known as Cincy Fit Foodie, promotes general wellness tips as well as wholesome recipes that seamlessly fit into busy lifestyles.

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Kayla Hansmann in industrial kitchen, prepping a big salad bowl

We love to ask our fierce female friends to share their must-have wellness products. Here's how Kayla keeps fueled and ready-to-go on a day-to-day basis:

Follow us on Instagram @Wise_Wellness_Guild for Kayla's wellness products giveaway February 14-21.

Bag spill image of Kayla Hansmann favorite wellness productsBag spill styling & photography by: Jerin Jaide Kimber (

  • Crunchmaster crackers – Available at your local Kroger in the deli section! Or shop online

  • 80 Acres Farm Greens – Available at your local Kroger or shop online

  • BanaSun Smoothie Bowls – Local restaurant! 1808 Race St.

  • Propello Life Protein Whey Protein powder (grass-fed, hormone free) – Shop online

  • RX Vanilla Almond Nut Butter – Available at your local Kroger or shop online

  • Lil Bucks Sprouted Buckwheat Clusters – Shop small business online

  • Cleveland Kitchen Kraut – Available at your local Kroger or shop online

  • Relax, Babe! CBD lotion from Spruce – Local salon! 1818 Race St., or shop small business Rosebud CBD directly online.

  • MEAS Limitless Lite-Lux High-Rise 8" Biker Short with Pocket – Shop online

  • Garmin fitness watch – Shop Garmin

  • Peloton meditation app – One Peloton app 

Kayla Hansmann is a local Cincinnati-area dietitian and fitness instructor working with individuals one-on-one, in corporate work-site wellness, as well as various community settings. With experience from Cincinnati Children's Hospital to adult chronic disease management, she is focused on providing comprehensive and personalized nutrition to all individuals in various stages of life to achieve their personal goals and best state of health.

Follow Kayla on Instagram for daily fitness and nutrition tips @CincyFitFoodie.

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