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How do you age?

How do you age?

This month’s theme is aging, an inevitable part of life that can be taken with grace, excitement and wonder.Some people step into birthday’s boldly, while others avoid them all together. Where do you land on the aging gracefully scale? Here at WISe, we land somewhere in the middle. Let us explain.

What We Like About Aging


You’re not born with perspective as it only comes with the patience of time. For example, in high school you might have been really concerned with what kind of jeans you wore. Now with perspective, you care less about the jeans and more about wearing what makes you feel good. In college, you might have prioritized social events over taking care of yourself. Now, you see the benefits of sleep because you’ve gained perspective.

Resiliency Skills

It’s universally agreed upon that resilience work is vital. Not only with our physical body, but resilience with our mental health too. For those unaware, resilience is a person’s ability to navigate, bounce back, and learn from challenges, change, and adversity. With age, we’ve learned to better accept change and love ourselves.

What We Don’t Like About Aging


Let’s first remember that people with wrinkles are human. We all have them or will get them. Some are more susceptible to wrinkles than others, like those with fairer or more sun-exposed skin. Wrinkles can be delayed or better taken care of with regular sun prevention, or with skin treatment from trained professionals.


For women, it was inevitable we would get our period one day. Now it’s inevitable we will lose it if we haven’t already. While menopause has historically known to be a frustrating and uncomfortable time, experts are working to change this. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is coming in hotter than a hot flash.

So no, we don’t like wrinkles or menopause. But we sure do like the people there to help us on our way to aging gracefully.


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Image from Pexels by Anastasia Shuraeva

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