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10 Tips for Building Resilience

10 Tips for Building Resilience

Have you ever wondered how palm trees are able to withstand the strong, treacherous conditions of hurricanes? They are designed to bend and flex, but not to break. And when the storm has passed, scientists have proven that palm trees are actually stronger than they were before the storm. Flexibility and adaptability in the face of adversity can strengthen humans as well.

Resilience is a person’s ability to navigate, bounce back and learn from from challenges, change and adversity. In today’s society, burnout has become an epidemic because of the “hustle” culture- we are living at too fast a pace, for too long, doing too much. Our resiliency can waver throughout the course of our lives and it is important to keep a pulse on where we stand in order to persevere through the inevitable challenging times.


So, how does one become resilient? Below are 10 tips to consider when TRYING TO BUILD THIS HIGHLY-SoUGHT SKILL.


  1. Build Relationships

    Creating connections with others can help us build confidence while also identifying the biggest gaps. Being vulnerable with others can help us process our emotions in a more rational manner, allowing for us to move forward. Plus, investing in a social circle is fantastic for brain health!

  2. Check Yourself

    You can’t always change what happened, but you can change your response and the way you feel about it. {Easier said than done, but its one of the key tenants of building resiliency.}

  3. Accept Change

    Acceptance is the first step to moving forward, and until you have accepted change it will continue to hold power over your ability to heal.

  4. Set Goals

    When we lose sight of what everything is in service of we can feel lost. See our blog post here on goal setting.

  5. Step Forward

    The first step is always the hardest, but as we always say- success starts with decision.

  6. Learn About YOUR VALUES

    Understanding what drives you at your core is crucial to understanding how you will manage everyday stressors. Have you ever thought about your personal values and how they align with where you are currently in life? Consider a meaningful moment, experience or event you were a part of. What happened? What were the circumstances? Who were you surrounded by? What values were you honoring?

  7. Love on yourself

    Treat yourself with respect. Would you talk to your best friend the way you negatively self-talk to yourself? We can be honest with ourselves without degrading ourselves. You are amazing, girlfriend!

  8. Think Big Picture

    Sometimes we blow small things out of proportion, making an inconvenience seem like a tragedy. Linked to goal setting, keeping an eye on the larger picture of all of your “wins” both big and small along the way is crucial for building resiliency.

  9. Chanenel Optimism

    Gratitude and having a positive mental outlook have been proven to build resiliency. Visualize the outcome you desire instead of feeding into the fear.

  10. Be Well

    Take care of your mind, body and soul. WISe Wellness Guild aims to do just that- helping to support your foundation so you can thrive in all areas of your life.

Learn more about building resilience with coach Lauris Woolford.

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