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Winning Game Day Crunchmaster Charcuterie Board

Winning Game Day Crunchmaster Charcuterie Board

This Charcuterie board is hands down the most delicious charcuterie board I have EVER tasted. It was not only a feast for the eyes but downright delicious at every layer of the board. 

Created by the most talented Queen City Boards, this spread includes exotic cheeses, meats, pickled onions, mustards, and a variety of top notch accouterments.  Everything on this board pairs perfectly with Crunchmaster Multigrain crackers.  The crackers tend to bring out the flavor of the toppings as opposed to taking away from them! 

charcuterie board

Interested in creating this masterpiece? Let's dive in!

First, think of the ingredients in the following categories: meats, cheese, condiments,nuts & olives!

Let's start with the Meats!


This board has a total of 5 different meats including, Rosetta (Fennel Salami), Calabrese (Spicy Salami), Genoa Salami (Molanari Brothers), Bresaola (Cured “Eye of Round” beef with red wine), and smoked chicken wings. Yes, I said it! Chicken wings on a charcuterie board! Genius! 

No matter how many meats you pick, a fun way to dress up your board is to roll the meat into a cone so it resembles a rose. 

Next up Cheese!

This board includes 6 types...

Delice De Bourgogne (triple cream) brie, Prairie Breeze (sea salt cheddar), House Ricotta, Red Dragon (aged grainy mustard with English Ale), House Pimento, and Valdeon Blue Cheese. 

My favorite out of all of them was the Red Dragon! Each nook of the board had a different cheese layered with the meats. The Blue cheese definitely had the most pungent flavor and could also be served on the side if you are serving to a crowd who might shy away from stronger flavors. 

Now onto the Condiments and what I liked to call decor...

This board featured a few dollops of mustard as well as honey.  I love the look of the honey drizzled on the top of the Orchid! Surprise fact- Orchids are in fact edible!  Other colorful and edible toppings are: pickled red onion, radishes, apricots, and sweety drop peppers (they add that beautiful red pop!). 


Next, let's delve into nuts and olives that make this board so special. Adding a crunch factor to the board is a must! Pistachios drizzled with honey and Marcona almonds paired great with everything on this spread. Quicos were also used which are a wonderfully crunchy toasted giant corn kernel. The olives were a mix of pitted black and whole Italian Castelvetrano green olives. 

We hope this has provided you with ample inspiration for your next board! 

Follow Queen City Boards and Crunchmaster Crackers for more ideas! 


Full Ingredient List:

Delice De Bourgogne (triple cream) FR
Prairie Breeze (sea salt cheddar) USA
House Ricotta (Cincy )
Red Dragon (aged grainy mustard with English Ale) ENG
House Pimento (Cincy)
Valdeon Blue Cheese SP
Rosetta (Fennel Salami) IT
Calabrese (Spicy Salami) IT
Genoa (Molanari Brothers) USA
Bresaola (Cured “Eye of Round” beef with red wine) IT  
Castelvetrano Olives
Local Walnut Honey
House pickled Radishes, carrots and red onion.
Marcona Almonds 
Sweety Drop Peppers



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