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Why Holding Space to be Creative is Crucial

Why Holding Space to be Creative is Crucial

“A creative life is an amplified life. It's a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life” - Elizabeth Gilbert

We’re almost out of those dreary winter days and into spring. Are we counting down the days to warmer weather? OF COURSE we are. We’ve been counting down since last spring if we’re being honest. Part of what we’re celebrating this March, in addition to the warmer weather, is our creativity - an important space we must hold for our mental health and well-being. 

There are a slew of benefits to being creative, including boosting our immune system and making us smarter. But it’s easy for this space to fall low on our priority list, since it’s not technically a task checked off. But maybe it should be included on our task list overall. 

So we must ask ourselves if we’re holding enough free space in our lives to be creative, to get inspired, to do something without directions even if it fails, is ugly, or isn’t sellable. You’re just being creative for the sake of being creative. 

CEO and founder of WISe Wellness Guild, Stevi Carr, even holds every Friday for her creativity, where in her world, this means exploring. She’s even started documenting her discoveries of holding this space on Instagram, calling it “fivetwofridays.”

If you’re having trouble implementing inventiveness into your everyday world, the WISe Wellness Guild Community has numerous options for us to easily jump into this space.


WISe Wellness Guild Creative Session Options

  1. Mindful Creativity Session with Lilac & Indigo
  2. Food Styling & Photography with Kait’s Kravings
  3. Makeup Consultation and Lesson with Colleen Herman
  4. Interior Design Consultation with Jackie Barnes

WISe Wellness Guild Creative People to be Inspired by

  1. Meet the Creative Power Behind Kait's Kravings
  2. Meet WISe Founder Stevi Carr- A "Voyage" Magazine Feature
  3. The Well 52: Molly Nagle, owner of Spruce Nail Shop


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