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Tammy Waldron

Tammy Waldron

A Leadership Style Featuring Tammy Waldron.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the founder of Towanda Wellbeing- Tammy Waldron. As a leader in ThetaHealing®, she has dedicated her career towards spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. We could all learn a lot from Tammy and her career journey!

Tammy Waldron

Towanda Wellbeing was founded in 2021 based on Tammy’s desire to guide people to find their inner peace and empower people to live their best lives.  Her wellness journey originated in her curiosity and desire to live an exceptional and drama free life which we can call relate to! So many of us just wonder what it would be like to take these first steps onto our wellness journey and we are inspired how Tammy devoted her career to this.

Her advice for beginning your journey to being your best self starts with believing you are the most important person in your life

I invite you to reflect on how you live into this everyday in your words, actions, and self-care? Being anchored into your true self enables you to create an ecosystem that you can thrive in, including all that you need to say yes to, and setting boundaries for all that you need to say no to.

There is a comfort in knowing that there are people like Tammy out there who want us to achieve our spiritual goals and understand our self-worth.  She offers sessions either weekly, biweekly, or monthly via in person, zoom, or phone focusing on ThetaHealing® and holistic coaching.  ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique that uses focused prayer to bring about spontaneous changes along with both physical and emotional wellbeing.  Tammy started her ThetaHealing® journey 10 years ago and is currently an Advanced ThetaHealing® Teacher.  Her ThetaHealing® background coupled with a lifetime of exploring spiritual, self-help, and leadership texts have facilitated her knowledge and growth throughout her career. 

Reading through her testimonials, we are inspired by how her sessions can bring so much clarity and healing:

“Tammy uses her training and her intuitive abilities to work very effectively to help clients to heal themselves by defining and eliminating limiting beliefs that are held on the subconscious level. She assists you in changing those beliefs through meditation and focused prayer.  Experiencing The ThetaHealing Technique is best described as an attainable miracle for your life.” – Robert Voges

Creating space to change and working on yourself isn’t always easy. It takes time, dedication, and perseverance.  Tammy has not only helped so many people but what she is perhaps the most proud of is her own personal growth. She has herself worked through a lot of trauma, personal and generational, that impacted her life in negative ways. She has evolved from being reactive to being grounded in herself and provided space for her to respond in ways that feel right to her. This work has allowed her to untangle who she truly is versus what beliefs, systems, and structures say she should be.

We are continually inspired by Tammy’s journey and the work she has done for others at Towanda Wellbeing.  

For more information about Tammy and to learn about her private sessions visit   Tammy teaches monthly courses that enable people to tap into and grow their intuition, generate their own healing, and create the life that they want.

“A Leadership Style” is a column authored by WISe Wellness Guild founder Stevi Gable Carr and powered by Crunchmaster Crackers aimed at celebrating female leaders who have advanced in their careers because they have integrated work and life through whole-self wellness.

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