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Solutions to Your Biggest Outdoor Dilemmas – A Wholistic Approach

Solutions to Your Biggest Outdoor Dilemmas – A Wholistic Approach

Image of woman standing outside, looking to sun with eyes closed, holding a branch of leaves to face to block sunlightWISe Wellness Guild is fortunate to collaborate with Alliance Integrative Medicine (AIM), a functional medicine clinic located in Cincinnati, OH, that helps patients improve their overall wellness and health. And even more fortunate for us, they have three guide posts for us to follow as we connect ourselves to nature this spring and summer.

  1. Grow a Green Thumb

    The Problem:
    You’re not all that good at gardening. You might nod your head when people bring up the words “perennials,” “annuals,” “biennials,” in conversation even though you’re not 100% you know what they mean.

    The Solution:
    Growing your own herb garden might be the perfect place to start your green thumb journey. Not only can gardening outside make you more mindful of the environment, and combat things like depression and dementia, you can eat your bounty if you grow your own herbs.

    Alliance Integrative Medicine suggests starting with herbs like parsley, basil and fennel in your herb garden, because they have an incredible number of health benefits associated with their consumption.

  2. Get More Vitamin D

    The Problem:
    The sun gives us wrinkles. How many times have we heard the phrase, “too much sun is bad for our skin”? From lines, to sun spots, all the way to skin cancer, we’ve been told 100 times how important it is to lather up on sunscreen or wear protective clothing.

    But if we become avoidant of the sun, we can also become Vitamin D deficient. This vitamin, also known as the “happy hormone,” can also be found in milk, cereal, and fatty fish such as salmon.

    According to Alliance Integrative Medicine (AIM), “Deficiencies [in Vitamin D] have been linked to diabetes, autism and many cancers. Many with low levels suffer with diagnoses of fibromyalgia, depression and other autoimmune diseases. While this is often not the only imbalance, correcting it can make a tremendous difference in your health.”

    The Solution:
    Opt outside this summer, with sunscreen on of course! Or, try a simple blood test at AIM to help you determine your levels of Vitamin D.

  3. Connect Yourself to Nature through Chinese Medicine

    The Problem:
    You often feel misguided, confused or just generally not well. You’ve heard words like “qi” and “lifeforce” but you’ve never taken the time to apply them in your own life.

    The Solution:
    Fill out the “Five Element Form” at Alliance Integrative Medicine.

    The form, which was created from the “Five Element Theory,” is used to help explain physiology and pathology within the body, all derived from Chinese medicine. Each element, (wood, fire, water, metal and earth), can be associated back to our personalities and can also be ever changing depending on our season in life or illness.

Learn more about Alliance Integrated Medicine at

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