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Inclusivity in Motherhood

Inclusivity in Motherhood

Stevi Gable Carr (L), her son, and her mother (R)

Last night I was discussing my "motherhood story"

with a friend and was reminded of how wild the tale has truly been.  I spent nearly 28 years of my life believing that I did not want to parent a child as I knew, statistically, being a mother would mean I would have less of a chance to achieve my goals.  After a series of challenging and life-altering experiences, I decided that I wasn't going to let a few data points determine the course of my life.  Two short months later I became a mother through adoption, and every day I relearn who I am as a human, woman and CEO who also serves as a mother. Motherhood is intense and indescribable, but most importantly, it is highly personal.  Every person has their own “motherhood story"- I'm still very much writing my own.

Motherhood is a journey that comes with many ups and downs, but celebrating the inclusivity of motherhood is an important and joyful experience.  Here are 5 ways to celebrate inclusive motherhood and foster an environment that values diversity and acceptance. 

  1. Celebrate all types of mothers

Inclusive motherhood means celebrating mothers from all walks of life. This includes mothers of different races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, family structures and species (s/o to my pet and plant mamas!). Take the time to appreciate and honor the unique experiences and perspectives of all mothers.

  1. Create a welcoming environment

Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment is essential for celebrating inclusive motherhood. This can include making sure that events and spaces are accessible to all mothers and their families, using inclusive language, and actively seeking out and valuing diverse perspectives.

  1. Share stories

Sharing stories can be a powerful way to celebrate inclusive motherhood. Encourage mothers from different backgrounds to share their experiences and perspectives, whether through social media, blogs, or in-person events. These stories can help build connections and foster empathy and understanding.

  1. Support inclusive organizations

Supporting organizations that promote inclusivity in motherhood is a great way to celebrate and promote an inclusive culture. Look for organizations that support mothers from diverse backgrounds, provide resources and support for mothers with disabilities, or advocate for policies that promote diversity and inclusion in motherhood.

  1. Celebrate diversity

Finally, celebrating diversity is an essential aspect of inclusive motherhood. This can include celebrating different cultures, traditions, and languages, exposing children to diverse books, films, and music, and encouraging children to learn about and appreciate different perspectives and experiences.

Celebrating inclusive motherhood is about creating a welcoming environment that values diversity and acceptance. By celebrating all types of mothers, sharing stories, supporting inclusive organizations, and celebrating diversity, we can create a culture that honors the unique experiences and perspectives of all mothers. 

I'd love to hear your motherhood stories in the comments below! 

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