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How to Improve Our Relationships, from WISe Experts

How to Improve Our Relationships, from WISe Experts

This August, we’re focusing on how to improve our relationships. Are you game? We’re talking improvements with your significant other, friends, family, coworkers – maybe even your feline friend because cats deserve healthy relationships too. 

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When you think of a relationship that could use some extra love and attention in your life, who – or what groups – come to mind? For us at WISe Wellness Guild, the relationship we build with our coworkers and WISe members are our top priority. But for you, they might be one of the following, as outlined by WISe contributors.

Family Relationships

Jennifer Sheard-Lynch, LPCC, Executive Director & Therapist at Poppy’s Therapeutic Corner, says:

“Families commonly experience challenges as they pass from one life stage to the next: new couples establishing norms, the arrival of children (or recognizing voluntary or involuntary childlessness), adolescent challenges to authority, second marriages and the empty nest,” says Jennifer. “Therapy provides a safe place for you to confront and address the things that do not seem to be working in your life. It allows for open exploration, a release of pent up emotions, a neutral perspective, support and understanding in a safe environment.

Maggie Wilhelm, LPCC, WISe mental health coach-in-residence, says pausing to reflect can also be helpful. 

She specifies, “Your goal is to REFLECT the experience and the emotion you hear from the person you wish to support. You can make these reflections more personal based on the details the listener shares with you. The more empathy you show by really listening and seeking to understand the experience of the other person, the more likely you will feel closeness and intimacy on both sides.” Check out all of Maggie's articles here.

Significant Other 

Vernon Jackson, a successful barber shop and salon owner, celebrity barber and now author of “Looking Glass: A Man’s Reflections Within The Scope of Dating and Relationships,” says women should create a safe space for vulnerability with their male significant others. 

Check out the full podcast with Vernon here, where we talk 1:1 about relationship tips.

Dr. Sanjay Shewakramani, ER Doctor, Medical Director and owner of Revive Strength and Wellness shares his thoughts on building relationships.

"The more you can become aware of how you are required to show up in all of your 'roles' in life, from work, home and relationships, you can begin to consider how are you showing up for yourself."

  • Define what self-awareness means to you
  • Journaling has been a huge help
  • Meditate every morning


Lauris Woolford, founding member of WISe Wellness Guild, executive coach and leadership consultant with over 33 years of hands-on experience in coaching leaders and teams, and in supporting positive cultural transformations, says,

“Build your relationships with thoughtfulness and intention! Be empathetic to everyone whose paths you cross, because everyone has a story, and they’ll remember you.” Learn more about Leadership Coaching by Woolford & Associates here.

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