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Top 3 Relationship Tips for Women – About Men, with Vernon Jackson

Top 3 Relationship Tips for Women – About Men, with Vernon Jackson

Meet Vernon Jackson, a successful barber shop and salon owner, celebrity barber and now author of “Looking Glass: A Man’s Reflections Within The Scope of Dating and Relationships.

In this week's WISe Well Within 10 podcast, we discuss the top 3 tips for women looking to experience a rare glimpse of a man's transparency, whether dating or in a relationship. While Vernon's work focuses largely on heteronormative relationships, the lessons are transferrable for anyone seeking to build a better relationship with themselves and others.

Check out the full conversation here.

  1. Create a safe space for vulnerability.

    Men want to be able to communicate without feeling like they are losing themselves. By being vulnerable yourself, you can create a precedent of trust and empowerment.

    "When you are being vulnerable, you are letting off of you heart, off of your mind, and off of your spirit what is affecting you at the deepest level," Vernon says. "If the person gets it, that's amazing! And, if they don't, that's okay too. Your job is getting feelings off your heart, then go from there," Vernon confirms.

  2. Your first and most important relationship is with yourself.

    Learning and loving yourself for who you really are creates a strong foundation for a relationship with others.

    Vernon says, "When you get to know yourself on deeper levels, it makes it easier for you to communicate to other people how to speak your language." He assures us, "There's never a wrong time to take the time to love you, learn you, and be able to articulate who you are."

  3. Learn his heart story.

    We all experience trauma, loss and love in different ways. It impacts us and is why all of us, including men, are the way we are. By sharing your own Heart Story and leading with empathy, you access a deeper understanding of one another. 

    "When you're working out, you don't build muscle by lifting easy weight," Vernon says, "you build by lifting heavy weight. Growing your heart is the same process." 

To purchase Vernon's book "Looking Glass", check out his shop here.

Looking Glass book cover

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