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Christ Hospital CEO Deborah Hayes Finds Balance by Self-Correcting

Christ Hospital CEO Deborah Hayes Finds Balance by Self-Correcting

Deborah Hayes headshot

Deborah Hayes, CEO  The Christ Hospital Health Network

The Christ Hospital Health Network has always been an award-winning institution, with its more than exceptional care to patients and the surrounding community of Cincinnati. But beyond clinical care and focus on outcomes, The Christ Hospital has also been award-winning in its service to women, both patients and employees. Naming Deborah Hayes as President and CEO of The Christ Hospital in May of 2021 demonstrated immense progress for healthcare leadership in our region. 

Check out our full interview with Deborah Hayes in The Chic Guide.


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Kelly Dehan - April 20, 2022

Deborah Hayes is a true gem in this city and Christ Hospital and our community is lucky to have her. Leaders like her are few and far between!
Thank you!

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