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Celebrating Identity: Flourishing Through My Loc Journey

Celebrating Identity: Flourishing Through My Loc Journey

Flourishing is about growth, self-discovery, and embracing one’s authentic self. For me, this journey took a transformative turn November 2021 when I began my loc journey. Embracing my natural hair was not just a style choice; it was a powerful step toward self-acceptance and flourishing in my identity as a Black woman.

For those who may not know, locs (formerly known as dreadlocks) are a hairstyle where hair strands are coiled, braided, twisted, or palm-rolled to create rope-like strands. The journey of forming locs is both a physical and spiritual experience, deeply rooted in African culture and history. Locs have been worn by various cultures for centuries, from the ancient Egyptians to the Maasai warriors of East Africa. For many, locs symbolize a connection to freedom. 

For many Black women, our hair is more than just a part of our appearance; it is a profound expression of our culture, history, and identity—our crowning glory. Growing up, I often felt the pressure to conform to societal beauty standards, which led to a love-hate relationship with my hair. It was thick, and I wanted “good hair” – straight, long, and flowy, like the girls at school.

When I was six, I asked my mother to give me “Shirley Temple curls” for Easter. Unwilling to sit still for a long time, I accidentally got my cheek burned with a hot comb as she was trying to straighten my hair. Talk about traumatic!

From straightening techniques, slicked-back ponytails, and braids to weave sew-ins, the stress of figuring out how to manage my kinky, curly hair while remaining professional was frustrating. With the encouragement of my circle of friends already rocking beautiful locs and my amazing loctician (a professional hair stylist who specializes in locs), I built up enough courage to transition to the perfect low-maintenance approach that allowed me to truly flourish while reclaiming and celebrating my natural beauty.

Starting my loc journey was both exhilarating and daunting. The process required patience, commitment, and a willingness to embrace change. I learned to appreciate the different stages of my locs, from the initial budding phase to the mature, beautifully formed locs that I’m beginning to see now. Each stage taught me valuable lessons but the most important was self-love.

As my locs grow, I’m reminded daily of the importance of embracing who I am, inside and out, and loving myself through every stage. Since beginning this journey, I’ve noticed a boost in my confidence. I’ve become an advocate for natural hair in professional settings, encouraging others to embrace their natural beauty. As I continue to nurture my locs, I am also nurturing my spirit and giving myself more grace along the way. By letting go of societal expectations, I have found a renewed sense of freedom.

Flourishing is about more than external appearance; it’s about internal growth and self-empowerment. Today, my locs are growing fast, serving as a beautiful representation of my journey to self-discovery.

To all my sisters on similar journeys, remember that flourishing is a continuous process. Embrace your natural self and celebrate your unique beauty. We are beautiful, powerful, and worthy of every bit of love and acceptance we give ourselves. I’m cheering for each of you and hope to celebrate you soon!


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Tiffany Tee - June 18, 2024

Your hair IS beautiful, long, it bounces, and flows! Simply stunning!

Justin W - June 17, 2024

This was a great read! Thank you for sharing your story with us! Made me miss my hair.

Adam - June 17, 2024

You’re a natural storyteller. This is great! Proud of you.

Quita Lewis - June 17, 2024

Thank you for speaking up and raising awareness about hair in the professional setting. I hope to make the journey myself one day soon. I love your locs and your confidence glow. Beautiful!

Bryan Scott-Head - June 17, 2024

This was beautiful! I’m proud of you!

Nadine Greenslade - June 17, 2024

You are gorgeous and I love getting a front row seat to your loc journey! You make it look effortless and so much fun! I just might be inspired!

Brian Moragne - June 17, 2024

When your skin was burned, i was really pissed at your mother. I didnt realize how traumatized you were over your hair. I support you in anyway you put your hair. Be you my little tanker!!
But the Shirley Temple look; NO…LOL

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