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3 Ways to Add Flair to Your Cupcakes

3 Ways to Add Flair to Your Cupcakes

Got a summer BBQ coming up? Birthday party? Anniversary to celebrate? Chances are you are going to have to come up with some type of dessert to share this summer and if you are not gifted in the ways of baking... I have some helpful shortcuts for you that are sure to impress your guests! My youngest has extreme food allergies so I have slowly but surely been teaching myself to bake over the years so I can avoid allergens. I am no professional, but I can assure you I have made all of these recipes and they are fast, easy, and beautiful! 

1) Add a Rainbow

Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry Strips (available at Kroger) are the perfect topping for any cupcake! All you have to do is cut one strip in half and shape into an arch over your cupcake and voila- your boring vanilla cupcake has been upgraded! The Airhead strip will stick best to a stiff buttercream frosting but you can also refrigerate store bought frosting for the same effect! If you are up for making your own frosting, my go-to is the Domino Sugar Classic Buttercream recipe. 


2) Make Your Cupcakes in a Cone

Did you know that you can bake cupcakes directly in an ice cream cone? This is such a simple way to make your cupcakes easy to eat (especially for littles!) and give them a wow factor! The trickiest part to preparing this is coming up with a way for your cones to stand straight up when baking them.  I put a piece of tinfoil over a baking dish and then cut slits with a knife for the cones to slide into.  This worked great and allowed me to cook several cupcakes at once! You can find the ice cream cones at Kroger and put your favorite cupcake mix right into them!

3) Add an Edible Topper

These Wilton Edible toppers are a no-fail way to add some beauty to your cupcakes! They are not only beautiful but edible! Joann fabrics seems to have the best selection of this brand that includes rainbows, flamingos, and sunflowers to name a few! 

 I hope I have inspired you for your next cupcake creation! 

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