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Career Resilience with Kristen Lampkin

Career Resilience with Kristen Lampkin

Profile picture of Kristen Lampkin with header copy stating "Career Resilience with Kristen Lampkin"Listen to the full conversation on this episode of the WISe Well Within 10 podcast.


This week, Stevi chats with Kristin Lampkin, The HR Guru, HR professional focusing on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and supporting professionals with their online presence.

Kristen Lampkin dives into career resilience as a working mom, and how to integrate success with both your personal and professional life.

In this 10minute episode, get tips on realizing YOUR purpose, and:

  • Importance of your personal brand
  • Mentors and tribe
  • Becoming a working mom and setting working boundaries
  • Investing in your personal development
  • Community engagement

Check out Kristen's shop – HR Guru, for her 7 Day LinkedIn Challenge eBook and Resume Tips eBook, available for just $15.

For Linkedin and resume tips, follow Kristen on Instagram @hrgurullc.

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