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A Leadership Style: Teresa Tanner

A Leadership Style: Teresa Tanner

A Leadership Style with Teresa Tanner, Founder and CEO of Reserve Squad

Teresa Tanner is the Founder and CEO of Reserve Squad, a premier human resources consulting business catered to women's needs – needs often not met in working America. After 30 years in the corporate world, ending as a C-Suite executive, Tanner made the tough but brave decision to leave her executive career to create something entirely of her own. Reserve Squad, founded in October of 2020, was created for women to “find work that works for them, and to finally allow women flexibility in their leadership in their workplace and home.”

“It was a hard decision to leave my corporate executive career, but I haven't looked back once. I am obsessed with the mission to help women create the lives they want and find their passions and purpose,” Tanner says. “I am also inspired by creating a future of work for my daughter and my granddaughter where they won't have to feel the struggle of choosing between their family and their career,” she continues, “all women deserve to have both parts of their life fulfilled.”

Simply put, Reserve Squad helps businesses retain working moms who might normally leave the workforce to care for their families. By disrupting traditional full-time or part-time work models, Reserve Squad helps oversee a company’s internal “Reserve Squad” of professionals – a pool of qualified talented women who are ready when said company needs them. 

While running her WBENC certified company, Tanner also sits on the board of directors for Ms. Medicine and Best Upon Request, two other Cincinnati-based companies prioritizing women in support and growth. With decades of perfecting her work-life balance, now running her own company and advising others, Tanner learned to approach her wellness comprehensively. Focusing on the facets of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, Tanner developed habits that contribute to her wellness in each of these areas. 

“I also love the productive days that I am crossing things off my to-do list. And, relationships are important to me,” Tanner says. “If I get to hug someone I love, laugh with a friend, or do something nice for someone,” says Tanner, “it is a good day that contributes to my overall wellness.”

Tanner owes a lot of her success to living authentically, another facet of wellness easily forgotten by many. By staying rooted in honesty, she’s developed an ability to courageously tell the truth with compassion.

She says, “I can only feel successful if I am living authentically and feel in step with my purpose and values.” She continues, “I try not to let outside factors of people define success for me. I have been down that path, and it is NOT rewarding!”

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