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Summer Solstice Retreat: Celebrating Nature & The Light Within

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Welcome to Solstice Retreat 2024

Hosted by:

Native Wild Living, Inner Radiant Life, & The Ville Ohio, Adams County, Ohio

Native Wild Living and Inner Radiant Life are excited to offer a 1 night, all-inclusivewellness retreat to celebrate Nature, the sun, our life-giving energy, the sun and the abundance that it provides. We are offering a curated experience, situated on wide open spaces, approximately 52 miles from Cincinnati, located in Adams County, Ohio.

Our retreat includes a private stay at the Ville Guesthouses in Wrightsville, Adams County, Ohio, hosted by Anita Harover, owner and curator. They are situated on wild flower open spaces with impressive views that overlook the Ohio River. Lots of time to relax and enjoy the views and serenity.

Our goal is to create and experience that will help you align with the rhythm of nature so that you can unwind, relax and come into yourself in a way that you never knew existed.

Guests will experience an abundance of nature including breathtaking views. On Saturday shortly after arrival we will hike the Whipple State Park through open wild fields, visit a medicinal garden and experience the ecology all along the Ohio River. We will journal our findings and log them to leave as legacy for generations to come.

Following the hike, we will come back to a revived barn, relax and learn about how to ‘slow the aging process’ through simple nourishment from nature with a presentation from Native Wild Living, Andrea Worthoff. She will show us how we can more easily live off the land. We will sip botanical teas, enjoy a snack and douce ourselves with medicinal oils from around the world that leave you looking and feeling radiant from the inside-out.

Then we will mossy on right into ‘cocktail hour’ where we will share stories of our own personal tradition, and how other cultures celebrate as we make a wreath from the flowers collected from our hike. Take home.

Dinner. We will then enjoy a ‘4 course’ dinner with a new wine accompanying each course. Made from local chefs and artisan bakers.

Sunset. We will nurture our mind, body and soul including thought provoking conversations, exercises, breath work and we will highlight the evening with a sound healing bath at sunset, offered by Sonya Verma and her husband Daniel Hall, Inner Radiant Life.

Later in the evening we will come back to enjoy a spiritually warming bonfire and will journal to express our desire to offload emotional baggage that is keeping us from becoming our best self.

Following the next day on Sunday, at sunrise, Sonya will lead us in practicing gentle, restorative yoga and meditation. We will spend time reflecting inward and journaling, and have plenty of free time to explore many other beautiful ecological sites within a 5 mile radius.

The Arc of Appalachia, The Ohio Bluffs

Native Wild Living Medicinal Garden

Throughout the weekend we'll enjoy delicious, nourishing meals and teas focusing on fresh, local ingredients grown in the house gardens and nearby.

The Summer Solstice event is open to 23 people.

Guestrooms: First Come. First Serve.

Explore your room preferences.

If booking for 2 people and will share one bedroom, you will receive a $50 credit.

($325 + $325 = $650 ($50 will be refunded to you.)

If you would like to book this event directly via venmo, please message:

@andrea.worthoff or @innerradiantlife

Accommodation Availability: (All properties are nestled on 1000 acres).

Guesthouse: 10 guests: 5 bedrooms (5 beds)

Cabin: 7 Guests: 3 bedrooms (4 beds) (2 baths)

Cottage: 2 guests: 1 bedroom (2 beds) (1 bath)

Bungalow: 4 guests (1 bedroom) (2 beds) (1 bath)

Event Refunds: Refunds until June 10, 2024 . Contact: @andrea worthoff if you need assistance.

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