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Reiki-Infused Thai Yoga Therapy

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Also referred to as Assisted Stretching or Assisted Yoga, Thai Yoga Therapy is an ancient bodywork practice designed to access the body’s meridians to allow for greater energy flow throughout the body.

You’ll leave your signature Reiki-Infused Thai Yoga Massage feeling both energized and relaxed,
with an enhanced connection between mind, body, and spirit. ​

Sessions are 1.5 hours or 2 hours in duration.

Thai Yoga Massage is also affectionately called "lazy yoga" and incorporates a combination of energy work, assisted yoga postures, and massages techniques. You do not have to be a yogi or "super flexible" to be suitable for a Thai Yoga Massage! This bodywork is accessible to ANY body and ability.

The benefits of this bodywork are numerous and are not limited to the physical benefits you will experience. 

Thai Yoga Massage will benefit you if you're experiencing:

  • low back pain

  • Tight joints

  • Decreased flexibility or range of motion

  • Stress or anxiety

In a Thai Yoga Massage session you work through trauma, release old or toxic energy patterns, reduce stress, improve digestion, decrease pain, improve sleep quality, and increase mood, and so much more!

As a note: Thai Massage is not recommended for some with osteoporosis, acute heart/blood issues (aneurysm or bleeding), women who are pregnant, skin or fungal disease or other contagious conditions

I invite you to book a session with me to experience the incredible benefits of Reiki-Infused Thai Yoga Therapy for yourself. 

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful experience

Had a wonderful Thai Yoga Massage with Jessica. The experience was relaxing and just what I needed for a self-care visit. Highly recommend!