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Healing Through Wholeness: Trauma-Informed, Whole-Person Coaching

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We are already whole. We can always connect with the truest part of our being. Through love, we return to love, and we feel the aliveness, wonder, and freedom of our presence. 

Sometimes we feel stuck. We feel like we don’t have choice, and we can’t get perspective to see another way. Perhaps it is in a relationship, in our career, in our health.

These sessions are for you if:
  • You feel like you are living through auto-pilot, going through the motions of surviving, but not really thriving
  • You can see behaviors and patterns that hold you back from the life you want, but aren't sure how to make a shift
  • You have reached a plateau with other cognitive or talk therapies and are ready to explore a new way of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing
  • Your body is talking to you through chronic fatigue, pain, gut issues, or other symptoms that you know are a sign of deeper emotional wounds
  • You are ready to experience meaningful change in your way of living
What is this offering?
  • Healing Through Wholeness sessions are one hour of exploring what your mind, body and soul need for greater peace and wellbeing 
  • This is trauma-informed, whole-person coaching where we make space for your healing to occur 
  • We will use the tool(s) that call to you and align with your needs in each moment (this can include PSYCH-K®, Somatic Therapy, and/or Enneagram) 
Why Wholeness?
  • Emotional pain (which leads to physical pain and disease) occurs when we experience separation from our true nature and we reject parts of ourselves 
  • We heal through making space to hold and accept our reality, giving it love, and returning to the connection we have within and around us
  • Integration of mind, heart, and body allows for greater presence and access to our essence
Single sessions available for $100 each, and package offerings for 3, 5, or 10 sessions also available - we can discuss what best fits your needs.

If you know you are ready to book, or if you have any questions, please reach out via email at or DM on Instagram @meaganconnley. You can also schedule a complimentary consult by clicking here.

I can't wait to be present with you.

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