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Keto Desserts Digital Recipe Book

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Healing Gourmet®  aims discover how to use "intelligent ingredients" to achieve all the attributes you love about bread... without the gluten, grains and carbs.

My goal was to create REAL bread with good-for-you ingredients... that was easy to make and tasted so delicious it could be served in a fine restaurant.


My goal was to use natural, keto-friendly sweeteners… grain-free, low carb flours… and healthy, slimming fats… to create desserts that are very low sugar and very easy to make.

The final product had to be truly healthy and align with the “Magic Macros” of the ketogenic diet – so you can enjoy without a moment of guilt.

Every recipe was carefully examined and tested, until I achieved the perfect texture, crumb, sweetness and ease of preparation.

And I refused to settle for anything less than extraordinary taste…

I’m talking about divinely delicious desserts – so good they could be served in a restaurant.

In some cases, it took dozen variations on a single recipe before I was satisfied with the outcome.

I am proud to say that we finally “cracked the code”.