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Wild Success by WISe Wellness Guild™

is a forest therapy and executive coaching experience aimed at supporting you through the power of nature.

Wild Success

Proven recovery + resiliency methods to improve mental, physical and professional wellbeing.

Your Wellbeing Awaits

Guests will engage in live and virtual experiences intended to support women in a holistic way, focusing on mental health, career achievement and purpose-driven self improvement.

If you are a high-performing individual, this transformative program will provide tactical executive coaching and tools to enable true movement towards the most ideal version of yourself. 

Wild Success powered by WiSe Wellness Guild

Meet Your Wild Success Team

Pam Lowe Cho

Trek Outdoor Coaching Executive Coach + Certified Forest Therapy Guide

Dr. Maria Espinola

Award-Winning Harvard-trained Clinical Psychologist

Stevi Carr

WISe Wellness Guild + Fellow, Institute of Coaching, McLean/ Harvard Medical School

Wild Success Pillars


Quiet time for individual reflection and intention-setting


Resources, and tools for application during and after the program to help you


Renewing experiences that support the self-discovery and fortification to help you become the best version of yourself.


Connect with a community of women through supportive experiences to receive the benefits of belonging


Corporate Retention

77% respondents say they have experienced burnout at their current job

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