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Small Business Coaching

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Coaching Session Options:

Concept Business Coaching (1 hour)

This session is for someone thinking of starting up a business or adding a new line of services to their existing business. We will look at various aspects of the process to determine if it is a feasible idea.

Small Business Coaching (1 hour)
This session is for anyone that runs a small business that needs a sounding board, connections, guidance (I call it bumper rails). It is session to get you focused on your next steps to creating the success you want.

Marketing and Profitability Coaching (1 hour)
How do marketing and profitability go side by side? Do you know what a customer costs you? More importantly, do you know what revenue a customer gives you? In this session, we will survey your marketing options and how it can increase your profitability. We will also inspect your operation at a high level to see where we can save time and money.

Problem Solving Ideation Session (1 hour)
This session is for someone that feels stuck or overwhelmed by their business. We will flush out the problems or obstacles standing in the way of the next steps in the business. We will create options and prioritize these options.

Next Step Session (1 hour)
Don't know where to take your business? Pivot, flexibility, transformation, remote workers, are all trending keywords in this world. However, you are not sure how to take your business in a different direction or to the next level. Perhaps you have too many ideas or not enough. In this session, we will explore ways to raise you and your business to the next level.

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Title: Small Business Coaching

Customer Reviews

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Sue McLaughlin Inner Source Living
Given a Clear Path Forward

After my first meeting with [****], all the pieces of the puzzle started to come together! I felt like I could breathe and focus again!

I had several directions I wanted to go but did not know where to start. [****] did not give me the answers. She helped me get clear and prioritize my next steps.

I am grateful for [****]'s mentorship. I have more confidence than ever I am headed towards success.

Very knowledgeable

[****] was very informative. I needed help with social media marketing and [****] was able to help me come up with quotes to post just from me explaining what it is that I do. She has a lot of tips and tricks up her sleeve. [****] is great at what she does.

This is wonderful to hear! Thank you Ebony. We love your story and are excited to see, and all your products and services continue to grow!

Amazing Coach!

What I love the most about working with [****] is she thinks outside of the box! She listens, analyzes your situation and provides you with practical ways to execute your goal. This is very important to me because I’m a small business and I don’t have a huge budget so the fact that she’s willing to give tips and tricks to help me succeed under my circumstance is so appreciated. I highly recommend working with her!

This is great to hear, thanks for sharing Tierra! We look forward to seeing your fitness and nutrition services grow at

Thoughtful small business coaching

As a small business, advice from others is a huge part of expanding our company. [****] listened to our current challenges and made actionable suggestions for how to overcome them, specifically in regards to marketing. It was great to hear her perspective and thoughts on our company and how we could grow in the retail market.

This is great to hear Anna! We appreciate Cathy's insights as well and are glad you found her input and expertise helpful. Thanks for your time in submitting feedback. We look forward to keeping in touch with you and! :)

Meagan Connley
Supportive & Encouraging!

I am so grateful for the time spent with [****]. In one hour together, she fully understood the service I am providing, the tools and techniques I am passionate about, and my questions about next steps to take. She listened, questioned, and provided clear feedback on her advice and ideas for how I can take action and move forward.

Thank you Meagan! We appreciate your feedback on Cathy's Small Business Coaching session and look forward to watching and supporting your business growth!