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Women's Pay Gap Today Requires Investing For Tomorrow

Women's Pay Gap Today Requires Investing For Tomorrow

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By Breanne Bovara, MBA, CPWA® Vice President | Wealth Management Advisor at Fifth Third Private Bank

A survey by S&P Global found that only 26% of American women have money in the stock market. Additionally, “the average female investor keeps 68% of her portfolio in cash and cash equivalents, like money market accounts, Treasury bills, and certificates of deposit”, according to BlackRock. This is a concern due to factors like: women statistically live longer than men and they make 82 cents on the dollar to their male counterparts which means they should consider long-term growth focused related to their assets. Building wealth is a slow and steady process.

The emphasis is not about timing the market, but time IN the market. Read the full article here.

Key findings:

  • Female investors earn better returns than men – up to 1%, according to some studies.

  • Women are less confident in their investing ability than men, though investing confidence increases with age.

  • Around a quarter of women have money in the stock market, and women are more likely than men to keep significant amounts of their assets in cash.

  • Women stay the course by trading stocks and changing asset allocations less frequently than men.


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