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WISe Wellness Coaches

WISe Wellness Coaches

Collage of profile images of WISe vetted, expert coaches

 WISe has curated a shortlist of coaching experts that serve all eight pillars of wellness – Career, Mental & Emotional, Physical Health & Fitness, Financial, Nutrition, Home, Spiritual, Relationships & Social. Learn more about our coaches below and schedule an introductory appointment with a coach that fits your unique needs. See our Coaches Collection for a full list of available wellness coaches.


Give yourself the gift of confidence! With leadership coach Lauris Woolford, learn how to handle conflict, have difficult conversations, and drive more empathy in your career. Or successfully transition into a new career with the help of Kristen Lampkin from the HR Guru. With a focus on talent acquisition, performance management and organizational development, Kristen knows how to bring out the best in people so you can land your dream job. See all experts in our Career pillar.

Emotional / Mental

    Manage your emotional and mental wellness with these women-owned practices in Cincinnati and beyond. Mental Health isn’t just for times of crisis - it’s an ongoing management of emotions and a development of new coping skills. Take your first step with a free consultation from Gaila Collaborative, Poppy’s Therapeutic Corner, Hello Mental Health or Inner Source Living, all available at your convenience to strengthen your mind. Find 1:1 therapy and consultations, wellness circles and reflection resources in the WISe Mental and Emotional pillar.


    Managing your physical health can be daunting, but with our physical coaches - and concierges - at WISe Wellness Guild, it’s honestly never been easier. Find your specialist and get scheduled with Janet Ferguson, EZ Care Concierge of the Christ Hospital. Or snag a health coach from Anchor Wellness, to help you feel your best through food, nutrition, fitness. See all coaches in our Physical Health and Fitness pillar.


    Money doesn’t have to be a scary topic with our on-deck financial coaches at WISe Wellness Guild. From women financial advisors at Fifth Third Private Bank, to certified financial planner Danielle Suerkamp of WellSpent Wealth Planning, building wealth is more approachable than ever. We’ve even got SheMoolah on board to learn how mindset can greatly affect our earning power. See more in Wealth Planning.


    The right registered dietician meets you where you are, and helps you take the next best step toward your nutritional well-being. Partner with a registered dietician at Anchor Wellness, or work with Grace Shea, Pediatric Nutritionist at First Bites Nutrition. See all Nutrition Specialists in our Nutrition pillar.


    Your home should be an oasis and a retreat from the outside world. Enhance your home habitat with a discovery call with Jackie Barnes Interior Design, or get inspired for your dream home with Sibcy Cline Home Services. Our personal spaces should be tailored to us, and not just on the surface level. Visit our Environmental and Home pillar to book consultations.  


    We’re all about mentorship at WISe Wellness Guild, and believe these supportive relationships can help us discover our best selves. Hold your spot with Head to Heart Mentorship with Rachel DesRochers, to learn where you are stuck and get the tools to help you feel empowered. Or meet with our own CEO and founder Stevi Carr, to go over the 100 point wellness assessment 1:1, and plan to achieve your vision in life. Find social consulting and other resources in our Relationships and Social pillar.


    Healing is possible with the help of Coach Sue McLaughlin of Inner Source Living, LLC. Our bodies have stored painful feelings at a cellular level, which can lead to unhealthy physical responses. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Sue to learn how she uses her combined expertise in BodyTalk™ and Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT) to heal her clients. Find coaches and inspiration in our Spiritual pillar. 


    And lastly, look your best with beauty experts The Surgeonista, Colleen Herman and Symmetry Microblading for all skin care and makeup needs, and Flora Lee Naturals plant-based skincare brand. See all beauty services and natural product providers in our Beauty and Fashion collection.

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