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What Does Your Enneagram Type Say About Your Interior Design Style?

What Does Your Enneagram Type Say About Your Interior Design Style?

Interior design of living room design example of the Enneagram Type "The Helper"

Type 2: The Helper: The Caring, Interpersonal Type: Demonstrative, Generous, People-Pleasing, and Possessive.

The purpose of The Helper’s space should be to entertain. However, do not underestimate the determination of Type 2’s to appear welcoming and comforting for their guests. This type strays from pieces and color palettes that are too adventurous so their home can appeal to a wide variety of people. The Helper hopes that every guest to walk through their space will feel at home.

As a clinical researcher turned interior designer based in Cincinnati, Ohio, I’ve always operated within the world of psychology. I keep every ounce of knowledge of the human experience close to my heart as I craft spaces for my clients. My goal is to create a space that is uniquely tailored to the personality of the clients I work with – one that fits them like a glove. One way to accomplish this is through the Enneagram personality test.

The Enneagram is a personality structure that is broken into nine unique personality types. Personality quizzes do more than tell us who we are; they also allow the people we interact with to understand us more thoroughly.

We’ve taken the time to break down each Enneagram to determine their unique interior design style. Check out the link here to find yours! 

I've include a FREE ONLINE personality quiz to discover the perfect space for your unique style! Plus tips for designing space for each of the nine Enneagram Types.

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