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Wardrobe Wellness with Wellison Enterprises + Carolyn Martin

Wardrobe Wellness with Wellison Enterprises + Carolyn Martin

Wellison Enterprises presents, Wardrobe Wellness, with Carolyn Martin, Wardrobe Stylist

Is your closet in need of a cleansing? Are you ready for a shift in your personal style and need a little boost of confidence? I am pumped to announce this collaboration and upcoming event with @carolynmartinstyling!

Wellison Enterprises presents: Wardrobe Wellness, featuring Carolyn Martin, Wardrobe Stylist, Los Angeles, CA ⭐️ ⭐️ Carolyn Martin, a Cincinnati native, is a personal wardrobe stylist for business professionals in Los Angeles and beyond. She helps her clients by eliminating the time and stress of shopping, discovering their personal style and building confidence through their wardrobe.


Carolyn believes that style is a form of self-expression and communication. Join us virtually, Thursday, September 16 at 7-8:30PM EST as Carolyn gives us tools and teaches us how to create a space of wellness from our closets and personal style, so that when we get dressed, our experience and look reflects how we want to feel. This is important because how we feel is a vibe we put out into the world, and pursuant to the Law of Attraction, it will be matched and returned to us. Like the old adage says: "When you look good, you feel good." To add to that, when you feel good, you attract good.

Tickets for the event are only $34 and seats are limited. Grab your spot today!

Click here to RSVP 

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