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Vegan Banh Mi Recipe

Vegan Banh Mi Recipe

Interested in an easy Vegan recipe full of flavor? Try out this delicious Vegan Banh Mi sandwich! I'm always looking for alternatives for my standard cold cut sandwiches which are often packed with additives. Tofu is an excellent substitution packed with protein and essential amino acids your body needs! 


The prep time of pickling the vegetables goes a long way and adds a ton of flavor.  This recipe calls for pickling carrots, radishes, and jalapenos and its helpful to have an extra mason jar on hand or a recycled jar of pasta sauce!  Pickling Vegetables

You are also not limited to just pickling these vegetables.  While you are at it, you might as well fill another jar and experiment in pickling! I love having a jar of pickled red onion on hand or hommade pickled cucumbers.  These go great in any sandwich and the pickled red onion adds a beautiful color to any dish. 

Try out this sandwich with your favorite fresh baguette and enjoy a healthy sandwich that won't weigh you down but fill you with nutrients! 

Tofu Banh Mi

Check out for a full list of ingredients to add to your cart! 


Photos by Polina Tankilevitch, Kroger, Maria Verkhoturtseva

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