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The Well 52: Rachel DesRochers, The Gratitude Collective

The Well 52: Rachel DesRochers, The Gratitude Collective

Last chance to get your tickets for Power to Pursue, May 20, 2022 at Cincinnati Memorial Hall. Lead by Rachel DesRochers, Power to Pursue is a one day women's empowerment and entrepreneurial summit, welcoming entrepreneurs at all stages of the journey.

Welcome to The Well 52, a platform we are hosting at WISe Wellness Guild that celebrates women leading in the whole-self wellness industry and supporting other women along the way.

Meet our nominee of The Well 52: Rachel DesRochers
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Rachel DesRochers is the Chief Gratitude Officer of The Gratitude Collective (Grateful Grahams, Incubator Kitchen Collective, Power to Pursue)

What is the most important thing you do for your wellness?

The most important thing I do for my wellness is a gratitude practice. I hold space every day to find the good and always allow that to come forth. From there I feel like I can do anything. Also I water – I shoot to drink a gallon a day. We are under hydrated humans and it affects our skin, digestion and so much more!

What is one piece of advice you'd give to other women?

Just do it. I don't know hmmmmm . Listen, get still. Ask yourself what you are truly desiring and go after that. The community is here and wants to support you, show up for it. Give yourself grace, slow & steady wins the race. And always find gratitude.

What is one quote or mantra you live by?

This one has been profound for me lately, it pops up on my calendar 2-3x a month and every time it moves me – "Yogi Bhajan has often said, there are two ways of living. Either you can fight and struggle for whatever you feel that you want in life (the mode of conflict in which most people live), or you can make yourself so beautiful and divine that God will love to come and sit in your lap and all your desires will be pre-fulfilled. This is the hassle-free life of complete surrender" Goals. Damn.

Brag on yourself – what is something you are REALLY proud of?

What I've created. As a solo entrepreneur who started on this path 12 years ago with $1000 in start-up capital to where I am and what I've built today –I am incredibly proud. I believe in a different way of thinking, creating, building and so the ability to tune in, get quiet and listen to what my next steps should be vs what I think they should be – I am proud that I listen.

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