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The Well 52: Lucrecer Braxton – Founder, Creator, Leader

The Well 52: Lucrecer Braxton – Founder, Creator, Leader

Welcome to The Well 52, a platform we are hosting at WISe Wellness Guild that celebrates women leading in the whole-self wellness industry and supporting other women along the way.

Meet our nominee of The Well 52: Lucrecer Braxton
Headshot image of Soul Sista Plants founder, Lucrecer Braxton
Lucrecer Braxton, Founder of SoulSista Plants LLC

What is the most important thing you do for your wellness?

I meditate daily for at least 20 minutes. This helps me set the tone for my day.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to other women?

Mind YOUR business. When you are focused on living your best life and being the best version of yourself, you will not have time to be worried about what other people are doing.

What is one quote or mantra you live by?

What other people think of you is none of your business.

Brag on yourself – what is something you are REALLY proud of?

I grew a social account to 25K followers in less than 18 months. That is all organic growth. As a result of cultivating this community, I worked with the Cincinnati Public Library and local businesses to host community plant swaps. I believe everyone should have access to plants regardless of their financial situation. Taking the time to cultivate deep connections locally and nationwide has allowed me to turn a simple hobby into a business. I have found a way to bring people together with a simple plant.

Connect with Lucrecer on Instagram @lucrecer and @soulsistaplants, or on LinkedIn at /LucrecerBraxton.

To learn more about SoulSista Plants, go to


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