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The Well 52: Emily Kokenge – VP of Design Innovation & Capability at Procter & Gamble

The Well 52: Emily Kokenge – VP of Design Innovation & Capability at Procter & Gamble

Welcome to The Well 52, a platform we are hosting at WISe Wellness Guild that celebrates women leading in the whole-self wellness industry and supporting other women along the way.
Meet our nominee of The Well 52: Emily Kokenge
Profile image of Emily Kokenge, VP of Design Innovation & Capability at Procter and Gamble
Emily Kokenge is Vice President of Design Innovation & Capability at Procter & Gamble.

What is the most important thing you do for your wellness?

The most important thing I do for my personal wellness is to be outside with friends – preferably moving. Walking, hiking, skiing, whatever – I’m all in. For me, it blends community and connection to my support systems with the objectivity and calm I feel being out in nature.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to other women?

The advice I most consistently give (and get positive feedback about) is to build, manage and nurture your personal board of directors (BOD). We all need a diverse support system – especially professionally – of people we are connected to, inspired by, and are on our team. Early in my career my BOD had experts, people I vented to, folks who gave me great advice, and badass role models. Thirty years later my BOD is full of amazing women trying to change things for the better.

What is one quote/ mantra you live by?

I’m staying on theme!

Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with.

And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes.

And the changes are what you become.

Change the outcome by changing your circle.

- Seth Godin

Brag on yourself – what is something you are REALLY proud of?

I ask great questions. I’m an insanely curious person and I love digging into what’s underneath, what’s really happening, what’s possible. I’ve always asked a lot of questions, but over my career I have learned to ask better questions. I love it when I am able to ask a question that unlocks a new perspective or understanding in a person or a team.

Connect with Emily on LinkedIn.
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Emily - June 9, 2022

Love this. Great stuff & will forever call my inner circle my PBOD now 😂😊

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