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Meet E.B., A Christ Hospital Baby Success Story

Meet E.B., A Christ Hospital Baby Success Story


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Meet E.B. and her brave mom, Brittany. 

Brittany is a dog mom, a Senior Digital Experience Manager at P&G, loves to travel and enjoys live music. Brittany is also living with Type 1 diabetes, and she knew that when her and her husband Scott were preparing to have baby Eleanor Bette (E.B.), she needed to be in the best of care.  That's why she chose to give birth at The Christ Hospital.   


WISe: Tell us, how did you start your journey at the The Christ Hospital?

Brittany: When I first moved back to Cincinnati Dr. Emily Weibracht came highly recommended and I instantly loved her in meeting her.  I had been a patient for 6 years before discussing pregnancy with her even, she was always super straight forward (honestly always felt like we could go have a glass of wine and really hang out together – maybe inappropriate, but she’s awesome, I want to be friends :). 


(W): Why did you select The Christ Hospital for your birthing plan?

(B): I actually didn’t even know my husband at the time I chose Dr. Weibracht and wasn’t totally sure I was going to be on the "baby track" in life.  But when it did come to a time to talk to her about this next step she (Dr. Weibracht) was super straightforward with me and we immediately made a very clear plan of what/when/how we might get me pregnant and manage a high risk pregnancy – something my other physicians (endocrinology) made me feel like might be unmanageable and, frankly, terrible.


(W): Who was your physician?

(B): Dr. Weibracht was my main physician, Dr. Requarth ended up managing my 3rd trimester alongside her and actually did my C-section (she is also amazing and I’d like to hang out with her – I might have a problem ;).


"I fully trusted they would do their absolute best to keep us both coming out of this the best way possible." 


(W): What was your favorite part of the experience?

(B): Given that my C-section was an emergency and 5 weeks early, there was not a lot to love – but knowing I had both Dr. Weibracht and Dr. Requarth in my corner that day basically kept me from having a MAJOR panic attack.  I fully trusted they would do their absolute best to keep us both coming out of this the best way possible.


(W): What was the biggest surprise you encountered?

(B): Ha, that is was 5 weeks before I was ready!  But really I didn’t think about the importance of the nursing staff prior to going in for delivery and really they were the most amazing part after delivery.  They know their shtuff and work REALLY hard to make everyone feel comfortable in the process. 




(W): What would you say to an expectant mother exploring her options?

(B): You have to absolutely have that solid relationship with your doctor and know them well enough to trust they have your best interest at heart, because there is going to be a lot of variety and roll with the punches experiences both in pregnancy and delivery.  If you’re questioning your doctors choices you won’t be in a good place emotionally and mentally going into this massive life change.


(W): Anything else to share?

(B): While my general health experience is maybe not what everyone would hope for – we went into a very high risk situation and came out pretty much "on top" all things considered.  We spent some time in THE special care unit, but E.B. sailed through her 10 days, making big strides each day.  Further, we were given the opportunity to stay in the hospital across the hall from her those 10 days, taking the logistical worry off of our minds when considering being at the hospital.


(W): Special shout outs?

(B): Our nurses were ALL amazing- they took such great care of not just Eleanor, but we saw the great care they took of each and every baby/family coming in and out during our time in the special care unit.


Learn more about preparing to and giving birth at The Christ Hospital!

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