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Thawing the Freeze: 3 Somatic Reflections for Easing into Spring

Thawing the Freeze: 3 Somatic Reflections for Easing into Spring

As I have deepened in my somatic training and embodiment of the work, it now seems obvious that alongside that I would also deepen in my connection to nature. To the earth, the body we all belong to. I have learned so much by observing nature, her seasons, the constant change and the ultimate acceptance of and surrender to what is. Presence with the cycles of life has been a great teacher as I reflect on what it is to be human.

There is so much to be witnessed as nature blooms, shifts, unfolds, matures, releases, and decomposes. The way the plants, trees, birds, insects, and more all navigate their environment, adapting and flowing with the seasons. We humans can try to fight the seasons, to resist change, to prefer certain conditions, and to force our bodies to operate in a way that doesn't allow for cycles.

Many of us may struggle with Winter and how it naturally asks us to slow down, conserve, and do less. Winter can be a time of reflection, going inward, and sitting with some hard things. We may be longing for Spring and Summer, and I offer here that perhaps we can explore why we might feel that way, and how we can learn to give love to each of our seasons (externally and internally). Each season is a necessary phase of the natural order of things, an essential part of life.

As we are in a transition from Winter to Spring, I offer these reflections for you to check in with your body, with your true nature, and see what this time is asking of you.

1) Do you still need space for wintering?

Just because the calendar notates a day as the start of Spring, we can remember that transitions happen slowly, especially when coming out of a wintering season. It is ok if you need more time for rest, for staying inside of yourself, for honoring your body's need for stillness. If you didn't make space for wintering the past few months, know that your body may still be asking for space. Bring compassion to yourself if you want to go to bed early, limit your social activity, and curl up with a book. Relaxation and rest are valid, real human needs that we all have throughout the year, and taking the time to listen to your body this way is an act of self-love.

2) What are your values and priorities for this Spring season?

Spring is a time of transition - we slowly shifting out of the darkness and are not yet in the long, hot days of summer. Somatically with our nervous system states, we also come out of a freeze state slowly. Before you jump in to a full calendar that might feel overwhelming, perhaps you can take some time to get clear on what few things you want to say yes to right now. What activities, events, or people support you in slowly waking and moving into this season? What does your body, your family, your home need right now, and what can wait for another season?
This phase is temporary. Allow yourself to be where you are, even if there is excitement about all the blooming potential.

3) What is ready to be felt, processed, and released with the end of Winter?

As you start to get clear on what you will make space for, you can also reflect on what is complete. What from the past few months is your body truly ready to shed? Perhaps you have taken time to sit with some old patterns and stories. After intentionally feeling and being with them, it may be time to let them go, composting them for what growth is to come. On a more physical level, maybe there are old clothes that no longer fit, kids toys that can be donated, or winter items ready to be stored away. The change in seasons invites us to naturally release what no longer serves us.

As you venture out this Spring, I invite you to notice nature all around you, observing how things look different each day, and appreciating the resiliency that has come from taking time to be in their Winter process.

Meagan is an Integrative Somatic Coach and the Founder of Presence With Love. To learn more about her offerings, visit her on the WISe Marketplace, on Instagram, or at
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