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Our Relationship with Words

Our Relationship with Words

Pexels Image by Jane Pham

When I first started my practice, I was uncomfortable when all of all my time wasn’t accounted for during the day. It made me anxious. If I wasn’t doing something, anything, then I would fail.

I came from Corporate America where I committed my time between 8am and 5pm to my employer. Our agreement was that I give them my time, energy, skills, etc. in exchange for my salary ($).

There was absolutely nothing wrong with that agreement, except for me it was not freeing.

When I followed my heart and started my own business, I was stuck in the old habit of working from 8 to 5. I did not realize that I was now the owner of all my time. I would be at my office even when I wasn’t seeing clients. I felt guilty if I wasn’t working. To avoid my anxiety, I filled my calendar so I looked and felt busy.

One day it hit me. I wasn’t making the progress I wanted even though I was “busy”. All the busy-i-ness drained me of my energy. In fact, I would say I was becoming less and less productive and too tired to enjoy my family and friends.

One day my inner voice reminded me that I took the leap of faith to change my life to be FREE of the hecticness of the world. I wanted out of the rat race. I did not want to feel busy. I wanted to feel FULL!

Words have power. Words have frequency. The frequency of the reality I wanted was Freedom and Fullness.

However, I was still stuck in my old frequency of Busy and Chaos. And, that my friend is exactly the reality I created.

It is a daily practice for me to stay in the frequency of the reality I want. I can easily let my brain get too busy with 100’s of amazing ideas. (Ask my significant other and he will tell you I am not exaggerating! ❤)

While I am a work in progress, I can say today my life is FULL. It is full of Love, Joy and Purpose.

The longer version of my story is that I made a commitment to myself to change my frequency, creating the reality I wanted. I did the hard work with the support of others. Today, I pay it forward by walking alongside my clients who have committed to themselves.

Are you ready to commit to yourself? Let’s talk.

Proprietor and practitioner Sue McLaughlin uses her combined expertise in BodyTalk™ and Polarity Forgiveness to guide her clients toward healing. Sue blends these two powerful systems, creating a healing style all her own. Inner Source Living is dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable, and confidential space for healing.

Sue is certified in the following:

Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Coach
Amen University Professional Brain Coach
BodyTalk Practitioner
Polarity Forgiveness Practitioner
Alliance Integrative Medicine – Energy Healer of Excellence Program
Walking in the Prophetic – Fahrenkamp Ministries


Connect with Sue here and follow her on Instagram and Facebook at @innersourceliving

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Cathy - September 12, 2022

I am going to start focusing on my words!!

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