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Intentionality at Home with Jackie Barnes Design

Intentionality at Home with Jackie Barnes Design

Check out our full interview with Jackie Barnes on the WISe Well Within 10 podcast here.

Intentional use of space in the home can support boundaries and mental health.

Everyone has boundaries and standards – these help provide order, set expectations, and give us security. If we didn't have these things to look forward to or up to, our life would be quite chaotic and random.

When objects are organized to meet our needs, this may vary from one person to the next, it benefits us in providing order. When our belongings are in order, whether they coordinate by function or form, it allows our minds to be at ease. We all deserve to live in a space that we feel comfortable in.

Rooms and spaces within our home should be set up to allow us to feel certain emotions or provide space for us to function a certain way while in them. For example, we set up our dining rooms with furniture to eat and our bedrooms to sleep, not vice versa. We use colors and textures to support our emotions in these spaces too.

Setting boundaries in our home to promote a calm, clear, and focused mind will lead to better mental health.

Be sure that the boundaries you set in your home are easy to maintain – or they can backfire in promoting mental health. If the boundaries are too strict or not sustainable it will actually decrease the amount of time you enjoy your space. For example, a white sofa sounds very soothing in theory, but in a room full of kids would make me very nervous IRL!

We all know that going to the gym and eating good foods makes our bodies healthier and strong, that going to yoga or taking the time to meditate creates a calm and centered mind. We benefit the same when we take care of our spaces and surround ourselves with what we consider beautiful, we will also feel more beautiful and content.

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