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Intentionality and Your Ideal Self with Executive Coach Lauris Woolford

Intentionality and Your Ideal Self with Executive Coach Lauris Woolford

Profile Picture of Lauris Woolford of Woolford & AssociatesLauris Woolford is an executive coach and leadership consultant with over 35 years of hands-on experience in coaching leaders and teams in Fortune 500 companies and in supporting positive cultural transformations. Lauris is a founding member of WISe and an actual “angel coach” here on earth, says founder Stevi Carr.

Now that the holidays are in our rear-view and we look to a brand new year, Lauris says we should first establish our values in order to plan and prepare with intention.

"What are your top distinct values that act as a Northern Star for you?" she asks in the opening conversation with Stevi Carr, in this week's WISe Well Within 10 podcast.

Check out the full conversation here.

Before you can set an intention, you first need to identify what you care about, personally and professionally. (HINT: Check out Values Finders online, like this one here and here). Your core values represent what you believe in, the essence of what you hold most important in your life. Pick a value that you really care about, then set an intention around that value.

"When you live with intention, that means that your actions, your words and your behaviors SHOULD BE congruent to what your stated values are," Lauris notes. "Most times, when people get disengaged or stressed, something is not in alignment," she emphasizes, "your intentions and your values are not in alignment."

Lauris reminds us to be kind to ourselves.

"Start with small steps," she says. Too many things get overwhelming. "You can be very mindful of one or two things," Lauris advises, "you can not be mindful of four or five."

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