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How to Reset & Recover

How to Reset & Recover

After the cookies, the Christmas cocktails and cheesy potatoes, mixed with little sleep and out-of-routine exercise, we’re more than excited to recover this January. We’re not looking to drastically change our lives in this new year, but instead focus on small habits that will sustainably make our wellness better. 

Here’s some thoughts and ideas on how to reset and recover this month and beyond.

Sober Curious

  • Let your friends and family know you're being sober curious this month, which means you'll be cutting back on alcohol 
  • Try more mocktails!
  • Avoid pregame drinks while getting ready, and instead drink a lacroix, water or tea
  • Practice arriving at social events sober

Get Enough Sleep

  • Get in bed earlier to consistently sleep 7+ hours a night
  • Quit eating in bed, and keep the sheets only for sleeping
  • Buy and use a white noise machine to sleep deep every night
  • Be consistent with your sleep schedule and routine 

Walk More

  • Try getting 10,000 steps everyday in 2023
    • 10,000 daily steps are linked to less cardiovascular disease & cancer
  • Park far away at stores, take the stairs and walk after meals
  • Buy an under the desk treadmill
  • Keep your favorite tv shows for the gym to motivate us to go

Cut Back on Social Media

  • Set a timer while on TikTok so we don’t waste your time 
  • Try keeping your phone outside the bedroom to cut back on screentime and get better sleep...
  • Plan more activities that don’t involve your phone, like pickleball games and hikes with friends
  • Turning off our push notifications

Start Small

  • To avoid burning out, we're going to start small 
  • Add healthy habits into already existing ones
  • Keep it easy! One small task a day
  • Giving ourselves so much grace if we mess up, because we’re humans and judging ourselves doesn’t help.
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