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Functional and Traditional Medicine (The Best of Both Worlds)

Functional and Traditional Medicine (The Best of Both Worlds)

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How functional healthcare combines with traditional medicine in the recent joining of The Christ Hospital and AIM for Wellbeing.

Did you know The Christ Hospital recently acquired AIM for Wellbeing (formerly Alliance Integrative Medicine)? This means we can more easily combine holistic healthcare with traditional medicine. AIM for Wellbeing offers therapies like medical massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care and recently launched their own private label supplement line. Now working hand-in-hand with The Christ Hospital, patients have easier access to alternative types of medicine and resources, and most importantly, they have more autonomy when it comes to choosing their healthcare needs. 

AIM for Wellbeing’s newly launched private label supplement line in collaboration with Ortho Molecular Products & Metagenics, are trusted within the industry because they are both physician tested and evidence based. Although we can acquire many of our vitamins and minerals from maintaining a healthy diet, adding supplements into our routine can provide our bodies with the extra support it regularly needs - supplements created and backed by the AIM for Wellbeing team. Omega 3’s to collagen, all the way to probiotics and microbiome balance capsules, their private supplement line has it all. And even better, you can purchase their supplements in-store or online at your convenience. 

Check out the full press release here.

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AIM supplements now available online:

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