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Establishing Familial Boundaries with Poppy's Therapeutic Corner

Establishing Familial Boundaries with Poppy's Therapeutic Corner

Life transitions can be incredibly challenging, and  Have you considered counseling with your significant other or family?

Therapy provides a safe place for you to confront and address the things that do not seem to be working in your life. It allows for open exploration, a release of pent up emotions, a neutral perspective, support and understanding in a safe environment. Most importantly, therapy allows for the development of new coping skills, ways of handling conflict and upsetting emotions, hope for increased life satisfaction, happiness and joy.  Explore your options with Poppy's Therapeutic Corner.

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling helps one understand the manner in which they are relating that feels disruptive, disconnected or unfulfilling. At Poppy's Therapeutic Corner, we positively work with those interior states so as to foster greater awareness of the authentic self and engender some healing connections we cultivate honest, loving and caring relationships with our partner which then get transferred into all other relationships.

Family Therapy

Families commonly experience challenges as they pass from one life stage to the next: new couples establishing norms, the arrival of children (or recognizing voluntary or involuntary childlessness), adolescent challenges to authority, second marriages and the empty nest.

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Jennifer Sheard-Lynch, LPCC founded Poppy's Therapeutic Corner as a safe corner in the world where clients are able to develop new coping skills, ways to handle conflict and hope for increased life satisfaction full of happiness and joy.

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