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End-of-Year Home Refresh with Jackie Barnes Design

End-of-Year Home Refresh with Jackie Barnes Design

Do you feel it? The crisp air moving in, the rustling of the leaves, pumpkin spice... everything? Autumn and winter are on their way, which means another year is almost up. Winter is coming- how have you intentionally curated your space to move into colder months ahead?   

From bathroom towels, bedding, rugs, lighting and air purifiers, it’s time to sit in your space, take inventory of what is serving you and what no longer does, and plan out an indoor design refresh as the colder months approach.  

Learn 5 ways to create a space that is clean and comfortable before the winter months come and you’re trapped inside all day long.

Check out Jackie Barnes' marketplace storefront today to schedule your free 15 minute space design consultation!

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