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Crunchmaster Valentine's Board

Crunchmaster Valentine's Board

Power influencer and media maven Morgan Angelique Owens, wows us with a wonderful Valentine's board featuring our favorite Crunchmaster Crackers!

Valentine's board

This board is so great because it is easy to assemble and something the entire family can enjoy putting together.  These heart shape seasonal Chocolate Cheerios from Kroger  could not be more festive! They are the perfect addition to not only a Valentine's board but any school lunch. 


To make this board extra special, we recommend purchasing a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the cheese stand out!  

Follow Morgan Angelique Owens and Crunchmaster Crackers for more Valentine's ideas! 


Valentine’s Day Brunch Board with Crunchmaster Crackers

Ingredients to assemble:


1 Bag Crunchmaster Sea Salt Crackers

1 Bag Crunchmaster Aged White Cheddar Crackers

1 Box Eggo Mini Pancakes

Blueberries or any fruit you wish

Cheese, cut into hearts and shapes if you’re feeling festive

Mini Doughnuts

Chocolate Heart Cheerios

Any Heart Candy you like


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