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Check Your Emotion Thermometer with Hello Mental Health

Check Your Emotion Thermometer with Hello Mental Health

Are you prepared to manage the stressors of being human? Dr. Bailey Bryant, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and owner of Hello Mental Health and Rebecca Carelock, Licensed Professional Counselor share 3 tips on how you can prepare for the inevitability of stressors in life. 

"Check your Emotion Thermometer to see where your distress is on a 0 to 100 scale" says Dr. Bryant. "If it’s over 70 we’ve got to bring the temperature down down before solving life problems."

In today's podcast, learn 3 ways to bring the emotion temperature down:

  1. Self-sooth using your 5 senses. Explore how you can introduce soft blankets, aromatherapy scents, sounds of nature and more into your day. 
  2. Distract with pleasant activities. Spend time with friends, pet your dog, go for a walk, or sip on a latte.   
  3. Create a soothing toolkit. Stress is inevitable – plan for the stressors to arrive and how you'll manage them. 
Learn to manage life stresses in a welcoming and supportive community led by professional therapist and counselors. Hello Mental Health leads four community circles open to everyone:

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