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Exploring A Career In Real Estate with Sibcy Cline

Exploring A Career In Real Estate with Sibcy Cline

Join founder Stevi Gable Carr as she chats with Robin Sheakley, President of Sibcy Cline Realtors®, the largest locally owned real estate brokerage in the tri-state area. In this week's WISe Well Within 10 podcastRobin, a 4th generation Sibcy Cline agent, and Stevi discuss the realities of pursuing a career in real estate and what to look for if you're intrigued!

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Top takeaways from Robin: 

1) Easy to get in, challenging to win (alone)

  • Becoming a realtor has a relatively low barrier to entry, but becoming successful in real estate can prove to be incredibly difficult. It is important to align yourself with a company that supports you. I always say "with a strong foundation, you can build anything."
  • It is important to see how you will be supported throughout your career, from personal development to professional services like digital design, marketing, title and insurance services, etc.  If you have an incredible team, you can focus on what you're really great at and partner elsewhere.

2) Fulfilling to the soul, and the bank account

  • Real estate is an incredibly purpose-driven and fulfilling career. Our professional life is everyone else’s personal life, and supporting people during an important event like home purchasing or selling is key to mutual success.
  • This career path can be extremely financially rewarding, however, it requires for you to be a student of the market. Having a team mentality allows for you to succeed together, partnering to support one another to provide the best results for the communities we serve.

3) Integration is the key to flexibility

  • In order to succeed in real estate you have to feel fulfilled and connected to your work because it can feel like an "always on" job. 
  • Flexible boundaries are important to maintaining healthy integration, and the more you can bring your whole, authentic self forward, the more effortless by the day it will become. For example, if you are committed to being present in your child's school or sports, building relationships with other parents can create an entirely new opportunity to provide value to their lives through your work.  
  • Gone are the days of work-life balance. Integration allows for relationships to feel more authentic and allows you to connect more deeply with your community to mutually benefit all parties involved!

Sibcy Cline offers one-stop service for all home buying and home selling needs bolsters their commitment to be the best in their industry. Whether you need insurance, home services, mortgage services, relocation or title insurance, they respond to your needs quickly. 

Learn more about becoming an agent with Sibcy Cline here.

This episode is powered by Sibcy Cline Realtors®, the largest locally owned real estate brokerage in the tri-state area.

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