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Career Advice from WISe Women

Career Advice from WISe Women

We asked WISe Wellness Guild community members their budding career advice and the answers were nothing short of extraordinary. As per usual.

Profile pic of each of the five women who offered career adviceWe asked members of our WISe Wellness Guild community to tell us, in a few short sentences, what advice they would give to a woman just starting her career. It became apparent, and quickly, that their advice was timeless. 

No matter where you are on your journey - just starting your career, switching career paths, quitting your job, quitting your second job, finding your purpose, retiring, growing a company, leading or managing people - these words were meant for all of us. 

Because, let’s face it, some of us might be “seasoned,” but we never stop learning. Especially from one another. 

1. Kristen Lampkin, aka The HR Guru, is a Human Resources (HR) professional that has been working in the field for over 10 years focusing on talent acquisition, performance management, organizational development, employee relations, coaching, and inclusion and diversity. She is also an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and the Indianapolis Urban League of young professionals, who call themselves “The Exchange.” Kristen previously served on the Women for Change Coaching Community board and as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the IndySHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Board. In 2019, Hope Magazine featured Kristen in Balance, Ambition and Motherhood. The year prior, she was honored as a finalist for Junior Achievement’s Indy’s Best and Brightest award. She also received recognition from United Way of Central Indiana as one of United Way's 100 Heroes. Additionally, Kristen was recognized at the HR Indiana Annual Conference as a Volunteer Leader of the Year (Chapters) in 2017. She says,

    I would advise young women starting their careers to seek mentors and advocates. This has been essential for me in my career and continues to help me grow as a professional.

    2. Lauris Woolford is a founding member of WISe Wellness Guild, executive coach and leadership consultant with over 33 years of hands-on experience in coaching leaders and teams, and in supporting positive cultural transformations. She is an EVP of Organizational Development and Planning and has her MS in Positive Organization Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University. Her advice?

    Build your relationships with thoughtfulness and intention! Be empathetic to everyone whose paths you cross, because everyone has a story, and they’ll remember you!

    3. Stevi Carr, founder + CEO of WISe Wellness Guild, Mompreneur, Keynote Speaker, P&G Alumni Visionary Under 40 Honoree and Business Courier 40 under 40 Honoree says, 

    Empathy opens doors, intellect pulls the seat to the table and integrity commands the room. 

    4. Philishea Everage, Owner of Barley Blush Nails and Director of Curated Experience at WISe Wellness Guild took time on her response and even mentioned she was glad she did because she wanted to be authentic in her response. Which was,
    It will be hard and some days you will want to give up and quit or keep going even when you are tired. Rest is essential and you need it. Without you the business doesn’t exist. Have fun. Don’t take everything so serious. Breathe and relax. It's all going to workout and when it doesn’t, drink a glass of wine, take a nap and pivot.

    5. Rachel DesRoschers, Chief Gratitude Officer of Grateful Grahams, founder of Incubator Kitchen Collective, owner of Head to Heart Mentorship, Business Courier 40 Under 40 Honoree, and Emerging Leader for Outstanding Women of Northern Kentucky, says 

    Start. It’s scary & that’s ok. Listen, be authentic, don’t be afraid to get vulnerable (it’s a super power you don’t even know you have yet) and create the life of your dreams. I’m here if you need anything. 


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