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Age Isn’t a Timeline (5 Celebs Who Think So Too)

Age Isn’t a Timeline (5 Celebs Who Think So Too)

Stevie Nicks circa 1975 photo by Fin Costello/Redferns

Stevie Nicks circa 1975 photo by Fin Costello/Redferns

When my mom was my age, she had two kids under the age of two. We reflect on this often, both of us agreeing on how wild that is - our differences in goals, milestones and general trajectory. But luckily, she’s never once imparted opinions or beliefs to tell me how old I “should be” doing anything. In her eyes, I have the freedom to meet life’s new chapters when I want.

But in society’s eyes, okay, really in social media’s eyes, I’m receiving a different story. A story where I’m ALWAYS behind - in my dreams, salary, workouts, baking skills, marriage, children, just general maturity. 

So what did I do to make myself feel better? I looked to the stars. The stars in Hollywood that is. 

Here is a list of 5 celebrities who made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my behind-ness, or who refused to let age live them from living their dreams.

  1. Stevie Nicks

    Stevie Nicks was 26 when she wrote “Landslide,” a song that went on to sell 2,093,186 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen Soundscan. Money was tight for her and Lindsay Buckingham at the time, and before writing the hit song, she had even considered dropping music entirely to go back to school instead. She was in Aspen, Colorado, when she wrote “Landslide,:” and said she was, “Looking out at the Rocky Mountains pondering the avalanche of everything that had come crashing down on us ... at that moment, my life truly felt like a landslide in many ways".

  2. Viola Davis

    Viola Davis developed a passion for the theatre at a young age and even went to school for it at both Rhode Island College and Julliard. After graduation, she had a number of broadway and television roles and appearances but it wasn’t until she was 43 when she got her “big break” playing Mrs. Miller in “Doubt.” She says, "I would tell my younger self just be yourself—that who you are is good enough."

  3. Sara Blakley

    Sara Blakley, founder of Spanx and youngest self-made woman to join Forbes’ World’s Billionaires list in 2012, was 37 when she got married. She says, “I didn't get married until I was 37. I remember going out to eat alone A LOT in my 20s and 30s and getting looks from people who felt sorry for me. Well-meaning women used to say to me, "it's ok honey... you'll meet a nice man someday..." It was rare that anyone ever encouraged me to stand on my own two feet and to have dreams for myself. I saw the limited options my mother and grandmothers had and it fueled my fire to be the CEO of my own life instead of searching for a husband.”

  4. Vera Wang

    Did you know Vera Wang was first a professional ice skater? She started at the mere age of 8 and went on to compete in the 1968 United States Figure Skating Championships. After she didn’t make the US Olympics team, she entered the fashion industry and was an fashion editor after college. It wasn’t until she was 40 years old she decided to take up fashion design and start her own bridal boutique. She says, “Don't be afraid to take time to learn. It's good to work for other people. I worked for others for 20 years. They paid me to learn.”

  5. Sheryl Crow

    Did you know Sheryl Crow’s first job out of college was as an elementary school music teacher? During this time, she spent her weekends off singing in various bands. And to note, Sheryl was over 30 years old when she released her debut album, “Tuesday Night Music Club” and has gone on to win 9 Grammy awards out of 32 nominations. From her inspiring song “If it Makes You Happy”, Sheryl sings, “Happiness is not having what you want, it is wanting what you have.”

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