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A Sexual Health Kind of September

A Sexual Health Kind of September

Image by Trofimchuk Vladimir

It’s 2022 so let’s talk about all things sex, no blushing allowed.September’s wellness topic at WISe Wellness Guild is sexual health, a historically taboo topic we’re excited to explore. To kick off this series, let’s begin with understanding your body.

How well do you know your body?

Depending on the kind of relationship you had with your parents or guardian, we all came into adulthood with a varying understanding. There’s even a possibility, as full grown adults, we don’t know enough about our lady parts to this day. Lucky for us, there’s many resources and trust-worthy sources who can teach us what we need to know. 

According to Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a sexual-health educator at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana Universoty in Bloomington, “Young women and men need to learn about their bodies, how to be emotionally vulnerable with one another, and what’s common (and not) about sexuality so that when they’re faced with creating their own sexual lives, they can create the sexual life that feels good to them rather than recreating the fictionalized, and often risky, sex they’ve seen online.”

Learn About Body Resources

  1. Do you know the different parts of your vagina? Check out the anatomy here from Planned Parenthood. 
  2. Use these tips to get to know your body more with Mind Body Green.
  3. Learn how to talk with your daughter about women’s health with The Christ Hospital.

A Happy Vagina

We know low sodium foods are good for the heart, sunscreen prevents skin cancer (& wrinkles!), and too much caffeine can kick-start anxiety. But what are healthy habits for the vagina?

  1. You are what you eat! Learn what foods are good for you (down there) from Healthline here.
  2. Read these healthy, general rules of thumb from The Cleveland Clinic.
  3. Learn more about Hormone Replacement Therapy with The Christ Hospital here.

Now, to the Good Stuff

A vulnerable place can also be a vulnerable topic. But according to the Mayo Clinic, “Sharing your thoughts and expectations about your sexual experiences can bring you closer and help you achieve greater sexual enjoyment.”

  1. Pure Romance parties naturally come with some giggles, but exploring what’s right for you and your pleasure is serious business. They also have a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to sexual health. Read up on their articles here.
  2. Are you experience loss of sexual desire? You’re not alone.Read how common this issue is from Galia Collaborative here.
  3. Learn more about sexual health and LGBTQIA+ from The Christ Hospital here.

World Sexual Health Day is September 4th this year. Celebrate WISely and safely. 

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