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A Must Try Gluten-Free Dessert

A Must Try Gluten-Free Dessert

Whether or not you follow a Gluten-free diet, I bet you have several friends or family who do! I think it's a great idea to explore dessert recipes that cater to all sorts of dietary restrictions.

Brief Gluten Overview

Gluten is the name of the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. Think of it as the glue that holds those foods together. When you stretch out pizza dough for example, its the gluten that allows the dough to be stretchy and not fall apart. 

Making Gluten-free desserts is surprisingly easy these days thanks to Gluten-Free flours and mixes.

GF cornbread mix

Prep Time

What I like about this Gluten-free strawberry cake recipe is that the prep time is only 15 minutes! It is an easy, quick, fresh recipe that is perfect for any occasion. While June is the peak of Strawberry season, there are still loads of fresh strawberries to chose from at your local grocery store! 


When I'm defining an "easy" dish, I also think about how much gear in the kitchen is necessary to make this recipe happen... For this cake, all you need is a bowl, a pan, a fork, and a zester!  To brighten the flavor, you will need lemon zest and the zester grater is a must have tool in your kitchen.  


When using the grater, be sure not to grate the white pith of the lemon or you risk adding a bitter flavor!

strawberry recipe

If you are interested in making this dish Dairy-free, you can also substitute the sour cream with Vegan sour cream and add vegan whipping cream. 

Check out for the full recipe and list of ingredients! 


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