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A Medical Director's Approach to Managing Stress

A Medical Director's Approach to Managing Stress

Dr. Sanjay Shewakramani, ER Doctor, Medical Director and owner of Revive Strength and Wellness shares his approach to managing stress levels in highly-intense times. 

Working in healthcare is challenging, but working in healthcare during a global pandemic is the challenge of a lifetime. We sat down with Dr. Shewakramani to discuss 3 ways he approaches his own stress levels. 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Focus on what you can control and step away from what you can't. "It sounds cliché, but I've found that when I focus on the things within my control, my stress levels begin to feel more manageable."

    • Write kudos emails to others or send notes of love to those you love – joy breeds joy.
    • Plan/schedule emotional "chip shots" – something that is an easy shortcut to providing you immense happiness.

  2. Become more self-aware. "The more you can become aware of how you are required to show up in all of your 'roles' in life, from work, home and relationships, you can begin to consider how are you showing up for yourself."

    • Define what self-awareness means to you
    • Journaling has been a huge help
    • Meditate every morning

  3. Be kind to yourself and know you aren't alone.

    • Your stress is legit – validate your feelings. You are allowed to feel your feelings.
    • You are not alone. There are communities (re: Revive Strength and Wellness) that are here to support you. 

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