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5 Reasons You Should Have More Sex

5 Reasons You Should Have More Sex

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I researched the internet so you don’t have to clear your browsing history. 


We know from Dr. Odayme Quesada at the Christ Hospital that “cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women in the US, and women more commonly have chest pain, and even damage to the heart without significant arterial blockage on an angiogram, known as Ischemia with No Obstructive Coronary Artery disease (INOCA).”

This study (completed by four women doctors), suggests that women who had frequent sex were less likely to experience a cardiovascular event later in life.


When women orgasm, our pain tolerance increases by nearly 75%, found in a study by Komisaruk co-authored with Rutgers sex researcher Beverly Whipple. 

Having more sex won’t cure cancer, but it can block pain and stress.


According to Dr. Ashley Solomon from Galia Collaborative, Our needs can also ebb and flow over time. While they tend to remain somewhat stable, some of our needs might take more precedence at certain times in our lives.”

If your needs include feeling closer to your partner, try having more sex.

Having sex increases intimacy bonds between you and your partner. In this study, “More Than Just Sex: Affection Mediates the Association Between Sexual Activity and Well-Being” we learn having more sex gets us more affection. 


In a study of female college students, researchers found that women who had more frequent sex had better recall of abstract words.

Having more sex increases your cognitive ability. 


According to Pure Romance, spending time alone isn’t always such a bad thing. They report, “Masturbation is good for you. Men and women get a wide variety of health benefits from masturbating, including increased blood flow, improved sleep, and stronger pelvic floor muscles.”

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