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Annetta's Beauty Bar

4 Must Have Hair Products for Summer

My name is Annetta Waters, and I am the proud owner of Annetta's Beauty Bar, a salon located in Cincinnati. I am also the founder of Eleven/22 Vegan Products. With 15 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist and 10 years as a salon owner, I am excited to share some of my favorite products for all hair types as we head into the summer season. 
 Starting off the list at number 4 is the "Dream Coat Supernatural Spray" priced at $32. This #1 Anti-frizz treatment is a game-changer as it waterproofs your hair to combat frizz, even in the most humid conditions. I can't emphasize enough how much I adore this spray. It acts as an additional shield for all hair types while remaining incredibly lightweight. It is the perfect defense to protect straight hair or curly locks from the summer humidity. 
Next up at number 3 is the Aveda Scalp Solutions Exfoliating Scalp Treatment retailing at $53. This scalp exfoliator effectively removes excess sebum and build-up, making it ideal for individuals dealing with irritation, dandruff, or other scalp concerns. My salon guests absolutely rave about this topical treatment, especially when used as a Pre Poo. 
Taking the second spot is the Eleven/22 Vegan Oat Protein Strengthening Conditioner priced at $25. Our unique formula was crafted to nourish all hair types, packed with vitamins, oils, and nutrients to strengthen the hair's cuticle, provide moisture, and balance the hair's pH level. This conditioner is a must for protecting hair from the damaging effects of heat, sun, or chlorine during the summer.
At the top spot is the Eleven/22 Vegan Tea Tree Clarifying Shampoo retailing at $25. Experience its transformative effects as it purifies, banishes harmful bacteria, soothes irritation, and fights unwanted microorganisms, suitable for all hair types. This clarifying shampoo is fantastic for thoroughly cleansing hair and is great for your body too. I use it for all my clients to break down product buildup and soothe their scalps.
I hope you enjoy incorporating these products into your hair care routine this summer! 
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