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2024 Wellness Industry Movements

2024 Wellness Industry Movements

Spending on corporate wellness will rise to $12.5 BN by 2026 while the global wellness industry will rise to $7 Trillion by 2025.  Are you prepared, strategically, to support your consumers, clients and employees? 

In 2024 we are observing a shift towards a mentality of “slow and steady.” In a world of easy access and instant gratification, micro-adjustments and a return to “basics”will support morer sustainable lifestyle changes.

Early 2024 Movements

Primal Movement

Perfect 10 Posture

Renew, Recalibrate, Restore

Creative Gratitude

Stress Less- Emotional Polarity Technique™

Digital Detox

Sustainable Sports

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Parental Support

label-less + Belonging

Financial Fitness

Congruent Cultures

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